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25th-Dec-2014 01:20 am - Christmas Eve
Ranger Izzy
Well, it sneaked up on me a bit, but Christmas has now begun.

Today I cried at the 'Muppet Christmas Carol', then went to carols at 7.30 and refilled the choir candles. This evening, we had the midnight service and I have now eaten the traditional turkey sandwich before going to bed.

See you all in the morning and Happy Christmas!
24th-Dec-2014 11:31 am - Don't let me loose on corset websites
Doctor Izzy
In a fit of madness, I've just bought an outfit from a corset website.

IMG_1073 small

My plan is to cosplay a female Tenth Doctor. I'm not sure when, but I had a passing whim that didn't pass. I need to source some high heel converse now. I've spotted some black ones on Ebay that would do, but I'd rather have white ones as Ten wore those more than the black.

The next questions now are; what shall I do with my hair? and, do I steampunk this up a bit?

First though, is getting the corset shirt to fit. The site was only down to a couple of sizes, so I bought the larger one which is still a size smaller than I usually buy from the site and I can't do it up. Then I thought, "Corsets are made in two halves. I just have to buy a longer cord so the lacing at the back is further apart; it won't show under the jacket!"
22nd-Dec-2014 08:29 pm - It's almost Christmas
Ranger Izzy
I may actually be able to start to relax now.

This morning at church, I dismantled all the choir candles (14 of them) to wash the glass and wipe down the brass fittings with washing up liquid. The problem is that because they are oil filled, little spilllages have built up over time to gather in the stands to the point where they were starting to drip onto the music below. They are now as oil free as I can get them so should be ok for a while. The cadles themselves are filled and people have been told they can only handle the glass if they are wearing white gloves!

This afternoon, I went to an informal carol service at a local home with some of my Brownies. Managed to sing although my voice is not top notch yet.

This evening, I have finally cleared the space for the Christmas tree.
21st-Dec-2014 01:13 pm - Sofa day
Ranger Izzy
On Friday, I wasn't firing on all cylinders at work. I thought it was just end of term tiredness, but as the day progressed, I got a cough and muscle aches, so knew it was more serious.

Yesterday, I woke up with a rotten cold and after struggling through the morning to get some parcels in the post, I then crashed on the sofa with the TV.

Over the ten hours I was there, I started with a 'Horrible Histories' marathon and then continued to 'Blue Peter' with their Christmas episode. As predicted, the advent crown now has electronic candles, but they still have the wooden crib and lots of children processing in at the end to sing carols.

I then switched to BBC2 and remained there all the way from 'Secrets of the Castle' at 3.45 to the end of the 'Young Ones' at 11.40. This included a visit to Blackadder and 'Bob'.

This morning, I am feeling much better, if not all the way back to full fitness.
Ranger Izzy
And here it is.
I'm to be spotted three times in the video (the most I've been I think).
At 2:48 - Top row, second box
4:19 - The group of four on the right; I'm the short one on the left (It was only after we'd filmed that we realised we were in height order)
7:33 - Top row, second box again.

Ranger Izzy
Right SF chaps!
I have been given a book to sell on behalf of someone else. It is a 1975 edition (1st in the UK) of 'The Man in the High Castle' by Philip K Dick. Gollancz SF in yellow dust cover.
The book is in very good condition with the dust cover complete and not price clipped.
I have an idea of it's value and wanted to give people a chance to get it from me direct before putting it on Ebay. I can post pictures later.
If anyone is interested, drop me a line.
5th-Dec-2014 09:43 pm - Guide Promise in Klingon
Ranger Izzy
I was just writing my bit for the family Christmas letter, and realised I hadn't posted this video from Loncon. Enjoy.

26th-Nov-2014 11:04 pm - Fiddler - NODA report
Ranger Izzy
For those that don't know, NODA is the association that amature dramatic societies can join. Amoung other things, they can send a representative to watch your show and give a feedback report. We just got ours and I have a good mention.

Another very crowded scene was set in Tevye’s bedroom, but this was not quite as noticeable due to Fruma Sarah’s position above Tevye and Golde which meant we were watching the action stage left rather than the crowd.  There were two really excellent cameo performances in this number, Annette Botting as Grandma Tzeitel and Hilary Weston as Fruma Sarah; your movements, acting and singing really enlivened the whole scene.  Hilary, I loved your long spooky arms – most effective.
23rd-Nov-2014 02:42 pm - Post Fiddler
Ranger Izzy
I am now entering zombie mode.

We had good audiences for all our performances; three were either sell out or very close. Feedback from people I know is that it is the best show they have seen from us.

I certainly enjoyed going over the top six feet up in the air.

Let's see what the comittee have planned for us next autumn. The show depends on what's available and what hasn't been done in a while, amoung other factors.
22nd-Nov-2014 01:25 am - Fiddler - Friday night
Ranger Izzy
Full house tonight and they put extra seats in! 206 tickets sold! Tomorrows houses soud like good ones as well.

Tonight was the best so far. Partly we have sorted out all the little bugs and partly the audience were really responsive.
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