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27th-Jan-2017 09:42 pm - Cats again
Ranger Izzy
I can't really call Bill and Ben kittens anymore.

They had the chop last week, and it seems to have had no ill effect. They were not dopey or sick as the vet had predicted; all they cared about was not being fed since the day before.

This week, they have helped me with my pattern drafting by biting holes in the paper; and playing cat's cradle with a ball of wool all over the kitchen.

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3rd-Jan-2017 01:17 pm - Christmas
Ranger Izzy
Christmas eve, the computer went wrong. I have now got it working again, but we are going to get a new one. This did mean I was reduced to my tablet between Christmas and new year.

The usual stuff happened; services, turkey sandwiches, Doctor Who (pretty good), eating far too much. My main present was a dash cam for the car. I have yet to set it up, but I will now have evidence of any idiots on the road.

Otherwise, the kittens have loved Christmas.

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22nd-Oct-2016 11:40 pm - Kittens again
Ranger Izzy
So today, the kittens were sleeping in their box, so I took the chance for a comparison photo.

So, on the first day
IMG_3283 (640x480).jpg

And four weeks later.

We may need a bigger box soon.
8th-Oct-2016 10:25 pm - Held hostage by kittens
Ranger Izzy
The kittens have found the best places to sleep. That includes my camp poncho, that I use on my bed.

They are also tag-teaming when I am at the computer; taking turns to sit on me. Bill likes watching the computer screen and will sit right in front of it with his nose touching the screen. Makes it hard to do anything.
2nd-Oct-2016 03:52 pm - Kitten comparison
Ranger Izzy
These pictures are one week apart. Have they grown?

29th-Sep-2016 04:29 pm - More on Kittens
Ranger Izzy
I will stop posting kitten pictures soon (I promise), but yesterday, they discovered how comfortable Grandad's chair is for sleeping in.

27th-Sep-2016 07:01 pm - Kittens again.
Ranger Izzy

Bill and Ben taking a nap after dashing around.

25th-Sep-2016 01:04 pm - Our Feline Overlords
Ranger Izzy
Here are pictures of the new kittens. They have had food, done some exploring, and played with ping pong balls. One is now having a sleep.

Tomorrow to the vets for their first check up.

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24th-Sep-2016 08:35 pm - Kittens imminent!
Ranger Izzy
Tonight is the last in a catless house as tomorrow two kittens arrive to take up residence.

Pictures will be forthcoming of our new overlords.
4th-Sep-2016 02:42 pm - DWFO #10: "Donna's Suite"
Doctor Izzy

I can be seen at 6.15, just under the "The" of the title.
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