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8th-Oct-2016 10:25 pm - Held hostage by kittens
Ranger Izzy
The kittens have found the best places to sleep. That includes my camp poncho, that I use on my bed.

They are also tag-teaming when I am at the computer; taking turns to sit on me. Bill likes watching the computer screen and will sit right in front of it with his nose touching the screen. Makes it hard to do anything.
2nd-Oct-2016 03:52 pm - Kitten comparison
Ranger Izzy
These pictures are one week apart. Have they grown?

29th-Sep-2016 04:29 pm - More on Kittens
Ranger Izzy
I will stop posting kitten pictures soon (I promise), but yesterday, they discovered how comfortable Grandad's chair is for sleeping in.

27th-Sep-2016 07:01 pm - Kittens again.
Ranger Izzy

Bill and Ben taking a nap after dashing around.

25th-Sep-2016 01:04 pm - Our Feline Overlords
Ranger Izzy
Here are pictures of the new kittens. They have had food, done some exploring, and played with ping pong balls. One is now having a sleep.

Tomorrow to the vets for their first check up.

Pictures under hereCollapse )
24th-Sep-2016 08:35 pm - Kittens imminent!
Ranger Izzy
Tonight is the last in a catless house as tomorrow two kittens arrive to take up residence.

Pictures will be forthcoming of our new overlords.
4th-Sep-2016 02:42 pm - DWFO #10: "Donna's Suite"
Doctor Izzy

I can be seen at 6.15, just under the "The" of the title.
18th-Aug-2016 02:23 pm - Voyage Award - Skills
Leaders let loose

For my summer holiday this year I have come to Keele University for the summer school of Sing for Pleasure. Three years ago I came and did the foundation conductor's course, so this time I am taking the next level up; intermediate one.

Each day starts with a vocal warm up after breakfast, then there could be an hour's choral for everyone on the summer school before we break off into our seperate streams. For conductors, that means technique sessions and workshop sessions, when we work on assigned pieces. I thought I had prepared my pieces, but when you stand up and start waving your arms, you know you haven't done nearly enough.

My first piece, a round, went well. That is because I have had lots of practice at leading rounds since the last course, and it's not dis-similar to leading campfire songs. When I got into part songs, it went a bit more haywire, although my beat pattern was clear.

I'm trying to develop my right arm gestures (I'm left handed), so I can do more with dynamics etc. The notes have been learnt on my last piece (I hope), so now I need to get it a bit faster. I am beating in mimins, so the singers seem to be dragging it a bit.

I'm conducting at a concert tomorrow afternoon. It will be live streamed, and I will post the link if you want to listen in.

The photo is of my prep notes for this morning's workshop. I got through most of what I wanted.

11th-Aug-2016 11:42 pm - Voyage Award - last stage of walk
Leaders let loose
Today I completed the ring around my local town. This was a shorter stage and so didn't take as long.

I did see; a solar farm I didn't know we had, the local milk factory, quite a few cows who were interested in me, before ending up back where I started.

In all it took more than my 20 hours, but I still want to write up the notes I made and maybe produce a walk leaflet as there isn't one.

I go off for the week on Saturday for my conductor's course to cover my skills section; then I shall be dusting off my lace bobbins.
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