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Elenopa's Realm
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1st-Jul-2017 06:10 pm - Doctor Who - Fianle
Doctor Izzy
I'm sorry I haven't kep up with my thoughts on the series. Generally, I thought it has been good.

Thoughts for tonight:
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Doctor Izzy
Well, it flowed nicely on from the previous episode, making this feel more like a two-parter.

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2nd-Jun-2017 09:26 pm - TARS IAGM - Feldon Lodge
Pirate Izzy
Last weekend was my annual outside convention (The Arthur Ransome Society IAGM). We had the hottest weekend I think ever for this, yet the book we took as our theme was "Winter Holiday". This was also the shortest travelling time I have had as the location is only 25 minutes drive away.

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21st-May-2017 08:51 pm - Doctor Who - Oxygen and Extremis
Doctor Izzy
Due to circumstances, I'm doing two episodes here.

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7th-May-2017 12:13 am - Ballet blast from the past
Ranger Izzy
Here I am unpacking my ballet shoes after 30 odd years and I go on Youtube to look at exam dances.

I've only managed to find some that I used to dance!

Here is the Grade 1 dance. Dad got a bird cage made out of wire soldered together, and Mum decorated it with material flowers.

Grade 2 was danced with character skirts and aprons. We had to practice with aprons as we waved them about during the dance.

Grade 3 was the tarantella with tambourine!

I haven't found the grade 4 russian dance yet. It was another one with a character skirt and the first time I wore character shoes.
6th-May-2017 10:40 pm - Doctor Who - Knock Knock
Doctor Izzy
Not quite as creepy as "Hide", but pretty good.

So thoughts...
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30th-Apr-2017 12:12 pm - Doctor Who - Thin Ice
Doctor Izzy
This season is going so well. Yay!!

Observations from a single veiwing,
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23rd-Apr-2017 03:04 pm - Doctor Who - Smile
Doctor Izzy
I quite liked this one as well.

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15th-Apr-2017 11:31 pm - Doctor Who - Pilot
Doctor Izzy
Well, that wasn't bad.

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27th-Jan-2017 09:42 pm - Cats again
Ranger Izzy
I can't really call Bill and Ben kittens anymore.

They had the chop last week, and it seems to have had no ill effect. They were not dopey or sick as the vet had predicted; all they cared about was not being fed since the day before.

This week, they have helped me with my pattern drafting by biting holes in the paper; and playing cat's cradle with a ball of wool all over the kitchen.

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