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6th-Sep-2014 10:23 am - My Big Brownie Birthday Challenge
Leaders let loose
My breakfast this morning is taking ages to cook.

I'm doing it backswoods style as the last part of my BBB challenge. I have; sausages in a banana skin, an egg in an onion and a chocolate spread eggy bread sandwich wrapped in tinfoil.

IMG_0829 small

Will post more later.
25th-Aug-2014 03:28 pm - Broom moment in 'Deep Breath'
Ranger Izzy
Please tell me I was not the only one to think of this at the time.

Cut if you haven't seen the episode, but it's not really a spoiler.Collapse )
13th-Aug-2014 08:48 am - Happy Birthday...
Ranger Izzy n6tqs! Hope you have a fun day.
Leaders let loose
It's International Neckerchief Day! (World Scout scarf day if you want the proper title). Here I am in one of my Guide neckers.

necker small
13th-Jul-2014 10:44 pm - Flower Festival
Ranger Izzy
Church flower festival this weekend, so busy, but I was pleased with my display.

After the intensive flowers suspended on a column last time, I went for something simpler with lots of props. Did prop set up on Thursday and the flowers on Friday. They only took me an hour and a half, but I didn't want to spoil the simplicity and I felt I had done enough.

Cut for large pictures.Collapse )
13th-Jul-2014 09:36 pm - TRAILER!!!!!
Doctor Izzy

So... Daleks, dinosaurs in London, 12 in Victorian garb, the library seems to have moved into the console room....
5th-Jul-2014 07:23 pm - Game of Thrones - books
Ranger Izzy
Oh.... There goes another character I like.

At least I hope so. The last few times I thought this happened, George R R Martin resurrected them again. I'm actually beginning to miss all the death.

The death last chapter and this one seem to be quite conclusive though.
2nd-Jul-2014 12:45 am - Fiddler on the Roof
Ranger Izzy
poster-fiddler-on-the-roof-mediumSo my latest production has almost been cast. Performances in November (17th - 20th), so save the date.

I have a lovely little part which I can really get my teeth into.

Can you guess what I have got (Cue maniacal laughter)

Ranger Izzy
Today at school, we were looking at the Thames Flood Barrier.

There were diagrams of the barrier showing how it worked, but the teacher and the other TA said, "I don't get it." (or words to that effect.) I looked round for a cardboard cylinder and spotted a pringle pot that someone had left on the window sill after the fete on Saturday. Grabbed that and attacked it with scissors to create a mini Thames Barrier to illustrate the rotating gates.

Yay me!
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