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3rd-Jan-2017 01:17 pm
Ranger Izzy
Christmas eve, the computer went wrong. I have now got it working again, but we are going to get a new one. This did mean I was reduced to my tablet between Christmas and new year.

The usual stuff happened; services, turkey sandwiches, Doctor Who (pretty good), eating far too much. My main present was a dash cam for the car. I have yet to set it up, but I will now have evidence of any idiots on the road.

Otherwise, the kittens have loved Christmas.

They killed a decoration by reaching through the stair bannister;

As predicted, all baubles were removed from the lower half of the tree and the higher ones were in danger from Bill who likes climbing.

Wearing themselves out, they still like to take naps together. Often on the sofa, although they just fit in their new box in the dining room.

When they are awake, they do like helping me on the computer.
3rd-Jan-2017 09:09 pm (UTC)
Kittens! They're gorgeous. Mine basically ransacked Christmas too (actually she's eighteen months old, not really a kitten, but she hasn't yet noticed). And she's at the vet's tonight, waiting to be spayed in the morning, and I feel really guilty.

They look adorable in their box. :)
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