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Cats again 
27th-Jan-2017 09:42 pm
Ranger Izzy
I can't really call Bill and Ben kittens anymore.

They had the chop last week, and it seems to have had no ill effect. They were not dopey or sick as the vet had predicted; all they cared about was not being fed since the day before.

This week, they have helped me with my pattern drafting by biting holes in the paper; and playing cat's cradle with a ball of wool all over the kitchen.

28th-Jan-2017 01:13 am (UTC)
Is it Bill or Ben that's the really fuzzy one? The other has quite a lanky teenager look about him.

Wool is fun. :)
4th-Feb-2017 12:16 am (UTC)
Bill is the fuzzy one. We decided he had the look of a wildcat about him.
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