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Elenopa's Realm
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7th-Apr-2018 10:39 pm - Spring Horticultural Show
Ranger Izzy

Gosh! It's been such a long time since I posted here.

Anyway, today was the spring show, so yesterday I did lots of cooking. I entered 12 classes and got prizes in 10. As usual, the photography judge didn't like my photos.

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1st-Jul-2017 06:10 pm - Doctor Who - Fianle
Doctor Izzy
I'm sorry I haven't kep up with my thoughts on the series. Generally, I thought it has been good.

Thoughts for tonight:
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Doctor Izzy
Well, it flowed nicely on from the previous episode, making this feel more like a two-parter.

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2nd-Jun-2017 09:26 pm - TARS IAGM - Feldon Lodge
Pirate Izzy
Last weekend was my annual outside convention (The Arthur Ransome Society IAGM). We had the hottest weekend I think ever for this, yet the book we took as our theme was "Winter Holiday". This was also the shortest travelling time I have had as the location is only 25 minutes drive away.

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21st-May-2017 08:51 pm - Doctor Who - Oxygen and Extremis
Doctor Izzy
Due to circumstances, I'm doing two episodes here.

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7th-May-2017 12:13 am - Ballet blast from the past
Ranger Izzy
Here I am unpacking my ballet shoes after 30 odd years and I go on Youtube to look at exam dances.

I've only managed to find some that I used to dance!

Here is the Grade 1 dance. Dad got a bird cage made out of wire soldered together, and Mum decorated it with material flowers.

Grade 2 was danced with character skirts and aprons. We had to practice with aprons as we waved them about during the dance.

Grade 3 was the tarantella with tambourine!

I haven't found the grade 4 russian dance yet. It was another one with a character skirt and the first time I wore character shoes.
6th-May-2017 10:40 pm - Doctor Who - Knock Knock
Doctor Izzy
Not quite as creepy as "Hide", but pretty good.

So thoughts...
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30th-Apr-2017 12:12 pm - Doctor Who - Thin Ice
Doctor Izzy
This season is going so well. Yay!!

Observations from a single veiwing,
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23rd-Apr-2017 03:04 pm - Doctor Who - Smile
Doctor Izzy
I quite liked this one as well.

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15th-Apr-2017 11:31 pm - Doctor Who - Pilot
Doctor Izzy
Well, that wasn't bad.

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